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The Personifi Group offers innovative brand development techniques to turn your vision a reality. We specialize in comprehensive brand analysis, innovative content design & management, small business development, strategic communication, creative marketing, oratory delivery (comprehensive writing and public speaking), self-imagery, web refresh, and lead generation. Our motto is "It Starts With A Vision." Let us turn your vision into reality at The Personifi Group. 

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It starts with a 

A brand analysis offers consumers and business owners an in-depth analysis of their Who, What, Where, and Why. It is the foundation of their business. A brand analysis will help you understand where you are and what changes you need to implement for improvement. It is the foundation of your business.

Strategic brand communication is about building a data-oriented, highly purposeful style of communication between stakeholders. Because even brand identity is a matter of communication. Strategic brand communication starts with the ability to know your target audiences, and then align your style of communication along with your organizational goals. It’s also an ongoing process, which requires incorporating and analyzing feedback.

The Personifi Group offers an exceptional communications plan on how to utilize your personal brand to strategically communicate with your targeted audience.

We offer innovative content design and management service, which provides creative and personalized content for each individual client. We believe that no two people or business is the same. Therefore, we customize each design based upon your need, audience, and product. Please visit our social media platforms to see samples of brand content.

Creative marketing is the process of utilizing products and services to engage your audience in the value of the services or products that you offer. Creative marketing can be used through various streams of content marketing such as blogging, visual content, social media posts, webinars and interactive content and tools.

The Personifi Group offers creative marketing tools that are designed specifically to your organizations’ needs, which will increase visibility and revenue.

Self-image is how you think or view yourself and the image that others perceive about you. Self-image is conceived through your abilities, personality, and appearance.  Your self-image will affect your personal brand, which affects how others view your business.

The Personifi Group believes that the first step in creating a positive brand starts within yourself. If people can trust you; then they will trust your product. We offer a step-by-step approach on how to use your personal brand to increase your business brand.

The Personifi Group offers oratory delivery, which consists of speech writing and public speaking. We prepare individuals to present their products and services verbally and through written communication. Oratory delivery services are also available for individuals who desire to develop advanced proficiency with public speaking and written communication – rather personal or professional.


It starts with a 

It starts with a 

Are you in search of a professional development speaker for your business, non-profit, or church? Look no further! Do you need a dynamic speaker with the gift of storytelling, or an authentic speaker with over 20 years of professional development coaching? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then let's chat.  


Websites offer online tools to communicate with efficiently with clients and other businesses.  It is a powerhouse tool to grow, develop and sustain your business. The Personifi Group offers a website refresh service that includes a brand and image uplift to transform your online vision for your small business into a reality.

The Personifi Group offers Brand Strategy consultation packages for professionals who need hands-on guidance with building their personal brand. Packages include 30 minute weekly or bi - monthly strategy sessions. Additional brand development services can be included upon request.

It starts with a 

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